8th way to think like a 21st Century economist

In January the website launched a contest: What’s the 8th way to think like a 21st Century economist?
According to the website, results were supposed to be published online in early May, and entries (including the non-winning ones) were likely to be shared online as well, to foster discussions.

According to this tweet: https://twitter.com/KateRaworth/status/1117819516447277056 the contest received over 250 entries. People clearly saw the contest as an opportunity to share ideas, and did share theirs, confident they were going to be considered, and probably also shared online and discussed.

The question is: What happened to these ideas? Why does the website show no updates on this topic (not even an “apologies for the delay, we’re busy, expect an update in X weeks”), when at least one update was due in early May?

It’s late May now, and the contest ideas, instead of being circulated as promised, seem to be just forgotten.
This is bad both for the individuals who sent their ideas, and more in general for the world, that would potentially benefit from their circulation.

I am sorry I am writing this post, but in the same time I did not create this situation, and I have legitimate reasons to be tired of it and disappointed. I am writing this post because I care about this debate. I really do. And this situation hurts.


Hey Aellis, thanks so much for raising this - and you are absolutely right, we are totally remiss in not having posted an update on the status of the competition - a big apology to you and all the entrants from me and our team.

Here’s the state of play. Yes, we had over 250 entries which is fantastic. We created a shortlist and then submitted them to our panel of judges, and they have been giving their views over the past 10 days (we unfortunately picked the time of year when some of our judges are also marking exam scripts - our fault! - so there has been a little delay there too).

We hope to have the final results early next week and will be able to announce the judges’s favourites within the week.

But what we are really excited about is that for all of the entries that their creators agreed we could share them on line, we are creating a word cloud of key ideas and also a visual web of everyone’s ideas (using www.7vortex.com) so that everyone can see the full range of ideas generated and how they link to each other.

So be assured, none of the ideas are forgotten - quite the opposite, we are making more of them all than we had first imagined. But you are absolutely right that we have failed to give an update as we should have (I am learning - don’t try to run too many projects at the same time - something will fall down that you regret…). I will do that now on Twitter and on the competition webpage. I hope this will make some amends, and you will enjoy the final fruits that are just around the corner. All the very best to you, Kate


Dear Kate,
Thank you for your kind reply to my harsh post (apologies if it was too harsh–frunstration was speaking), and for having updated the website.
I didn’t really think the ideas were forgotten, but that was the feeling I was getting when I was checking the website and the social media pages. I’m happy you clarified that.
I look forward to seeing everything.
Very best wishes on all your projects.

It’s quite OK, you were right, we were far behind in keeping people informed!
All best Kate

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