A new economic model...?



I’ve come up with an economic model which, in theory, may work. However, I’m not economically literate enough to be able to work it out.

If anyone more economically literate than me has time, could you please take a look for me, and see what could work? If you don’t have time, could you please give me a few pointers as to how I would go about costing it all? (Only some of the points below will actually require costing)

Here it is:


  • Remove minimum wage (+subsidies)

  • Introduce Universal Basic Income of £10/hour for 8 hours/day, 5 days/week for all above 18

  • Remove government pensions

  • Remove maintenance grants/loans + tuition fee loans

  • Remove all benefits except disability living allowance, childcare

  • Person at top of company can be paid maximum of 4x bottom (including bonuses)

  • Education

  • Remove all standardised testing: replace with projects, research, essays etc.

  • Remove all private education+academies+grammar schools

  • Put teachers unions in charge of education policy, with teachers of special needs+behavioural issues taking charge of their own sectors.

  • Introduce training centres for manufacturing skills (from empty/shut down manufacturing centres (see economy))

  • Reintroduce mandatory home economics classes

  • Introduce coding in IT

  • Fund properly

  • Remove league tables

  • History: teach about British Empire, domestic Britain in past century/2 centuries, Arabs, Chinese instead of focusing so much on WW1, WW2 (spare no horrors in any area)

  • Remove need for degrees for teachers, nurses

  • Politics, economics introduced in high schools

  • Sex ed in all schools, starting in primary

  • Sure start reintroduced

  • All economics courses must teach all theories.

  • Remove private education+testing boards


  • Corporation Tax on revenue gained from country (income). Increase rate for multinationals (in overseas territories as well)

  • All kinds of tax avoidance illegal (move ISAs etc. to normal savings accounts): punishable with jail terms (see justice)

  • National Bank only one that can lend money to populace+businesses operating in UK at national interest rate (higher with increased risk, up to a maximum of a multiplier of rate that will be under constant review)

  • All private banks become building societies: all loans+mortgages etc. taken over by central bank

  • Make betting on outcomes in financial markets illegal

  • Drive to automate

  • All workers (+immigrants) must be part of union

  • Taxes no longer in bands: calculated by equation. Increase for higher rates of wealth. Include property and assets in calculation.

  • Cannot own more than 1 house: forced to sell to state at market price(MPs live in protected rented accommodation owned by state (ie, tenants cannot be removed unless voted out))

  • Incentives (tax reductions) for businesses to become co-operatives

  • For any warehouses/shops/factories that shut down, government requisition them+former employees: work as part of publicly-owned, local co-ops. Focus on training.

  • Ban all private infrastructure: Broadband, internet, phones etc.; rails; energy+water; power; buses; metro. All owned by local bodies directly accountable to locals through local elections

  • Hike tariffs on eco-unfriendly goods

  • Fund+carry out RnD in local co-ops for green manufacturing techniques+renewable materials

  • Stop construction of all fossil fuel+nuclear plants: create tidal lagoons, tidal power stations along coastline. Offshore wind+solar.

  • Government house-building scheme on brownfield sites: all affordable

  • Companies holding land for more than 1 year without starting construction will have it confiscated

  • Current housing plans must all be affordable

  • Reintroduce minimum standards removed by the Tories

  • Reverse council spending cuts

  • Copyright protection removed for drugs, life-saving treatments and inventions. Taken into government control

  • Arms exports banned: UK arms companies/factories taken over by military to supply military


  • Have large specialist centres for major trauma, heart etc., as well as larger generalists

  • Have smaller centres that don’t generalise as much, but specialise. Have more of these centres than currently

  • Using the nurses needing no degree, enrol thousands to become nurses in apprenticeships

  • Private hospitals illegal: turned into smaller health centres

  • Private care homes illegal: forced to sell to state. Taken over by NHS

  • Give funds required to do changes+re-employ admin required.

  • NHS have large RnD centres for drug creation

  • Fund mental health programs: all health initiatives funded by government, not local authorities

  • Contractors used for nurses+supplies subsumed into NHS

  • Patient in need of long term (or even short term) is assigned a permanent care worker/nurse that will visit them daily/whenever appropriate, for as long as the term requires.

  • Local health unions run local NHS trusts

  • Free contraception+female sanitary products.


  • Change house of lords to be PR chamber: given equal power to house of commons

  • Reverse gerrymandering reforms passed by Tories

  • Scrap Immigration targets

  • End hostile environment

  • All slavery victims not deported unless they specifically wish to move back

  • Take in all refugees at Calais

  • Temporary Housing schemes for homeless+refugees in converted shipping containers

  • Decriminalise all drugs fro personal use (in line with Portugal’s Policy)

  • Introduce regulation of political ads in line with corporate ones

  • Increase BBC funding

  • Scrap TV tax: fund BBC from regular taxation

  • Remove clause where BBC funding linked to Government approval

  • All BBC workers (presenters upwards) not allowed to have political membership/links

  • Ban foreign ownership of any newspapers/newspaper sites in circulation in UK

  • Cannot own more than one news outlet if active in UK

  • 16 minimum age to vote

  • Referendum required if any sell-off of public assets

  • Stop criminalisation of homelessness

  • Social Care for adults+kids back into full public ownership. Fund properly

  • Social Care unions run care homes.

  • Kids in care receive extra support + training from the training centres, out of hours, if suitable.

  • All prisons back into public ownership.

  • All contractors subsumed into local trusts.

  • All lawyers work for government, and each is assigned to a petitioner, at the cost of how much it costs to run the case. If the petitioner cannot afford this, government swallows the bill

  • Companies cannot take government to court for damaging profits.

  • Make lobbying through funds, dinners etc. illegal

  • Right to roam: change law to match Scotland’s

  • Start to replace tower blocks with affordable housing

Military/Foreign Policy

  • Remove trident

  • Recognise Kurdistan, Palestine. Work to get them independence.

  • Ban arm exports (see economy)

  • Aid in form of grants, not loans

  • Remove requirements for aid from privatisation. Direct Aid to put back in government control.

  • Crack down on black market in Gibraltar

  • Reach out to Russia, Iran. Ease sanctions in return for human rights+foreign policy changes.

  • Change military focus back to light infantry, rather than reserves and machinery.


  • Change farming policy away from grants for owning land to grants for organic, fair produce with increased flower meadows+hedges

  • Incentives for farms to become co-ops

  • Penalise battery farming with steep tax hikes

  • Any farms which collapse will be replaced by local farming co-ops

  • Create a national public co-op that creates cheap and cheerful electric/hydrogen cars, trucks, buses.

  • Help local trusts expand public travel networks across whole area.

  • Especially in most deprived areas, create vertical farms from now disused tower blocks (see social), growing veg, especially what we can’t grow outside to replace what will be lost when exiting EU. Get kids to help out as part of education programmes.

  • Trade in polluting vehicles for cheap and cheerful ones made by gov.

  • Polluting vehicles left on road by 2030 will face jail sentences.

  • Stop HS2: replace with trans-Pennine route.

  • Stop Heathrow expansion: replace with London airport railway improvements.

  • Fund nationwide rail improvements.

  • Place tariffs on internal flights once rails nationalised and upgrading starts.

  • Halt future road improvements except for pothole repairs: use “growing” tarmac.