A solution - individualism in the goods market


The financial resources of the world need to be more evenly distributed across the population. At the moment our goods market is controlled by manufactuers, wholesalers and retailers. Huge chain stores and global corporations love this market because the returns are still considerable (far in excess of current bank and share investments) because in retail they can buy wholesale for $50 and sell retail for $100.

But individuals at present can not be a part of this market because they cannot afford to buy in bulk. Those with huge amounts of money to invest have the buying power in the global goods market.

The world needs a platform that allows an individual to participate in the wholesale>retail market. The individual should be able to go online and invest in one t-shirt, or ten t-shirts, or 50 t-shirts, and purchase them at a wholesale price. These t-shirts could then be pushed to a retail marketplace where they are sold at which point the individual makes a large part of the difference between the wholesale price and the retail price.

So symbolically this would mean that we could get back to the days of old when ordinary people could buy and sell goods at their local market, only it would take place on a global scale.

This would immediately take the buying power away from large chain stores and corporate giants and put it back in the hands of the individual. It would allow people to start with a small amount of money and retire with a large amount of money. It would allow people in poor countries to invest and prosper in the global arena. It would redistribute the worlds wealth back into the hands of the people. It would mean that people who are situated in remote areas, or are disabled, could work from home and make a living. It would mean that robot technology would no longer be a threat because the advantage to the individual is in the buying/selling of goods, not in their participation in the making/manufacturing of the goods. Small home businesses could be investe in by people across the globe and have a global platform on which to sell their goods. There are a million reasons why this would provide a solution for humankind.

This system could be set up to self regulate. The wholesale goods are only available on the investment platform in ‘lots’. Once the lot is sold it goes to the retail platform. No further lots of that product appear on the wholesale platform until the lot on the retail platform has sold. This would mean no oversupply of goods.

Cheers Tiff