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From ‘growth will even it up again’ to distributive by design


Distributive design is something that fascinates me. We have a system currently in which manufacturers sell to wholesalers and wholesalers sell to retailers and retailers sell to the public. Currently wholesalers and retailers are few, and additionally the chain stores/retail corporates chanel profits upward to big business, chanel profits away from local geographical locations, and only employ young people on low wages, contributing to the problem of the top 1% hoarding the community’s wealth. So how do we change this? This is the discussion that needs to be had. What is a new system that we can imagine that keeps the profits from purchases at the local level and within the families of our communities everywhere across the globe?


At school when I was studying economics, we were taught that Sweden’s wealth inequalities are far less compared to even some socialist countries. The Swedish government charges more taxes from the rich and less taxes on the poor and some low income levels are exempted from income tax. But Sweden is a capitalist country. The doughnut for Sweden must be interesting to examine.