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In Elk Grove, California, we are using “the doughnut” (meeting human needs within environmental constraints) as the core definition of what constitutes societal compassion appropriate for a city. We have employed this concept in the locally developed draft Charter for Compassion that is up for adoption by our City Council by the end of the year. We would point out that there is a natural tie-in between Doughnut Economics and the expanding Charter for Compassion movement that now has something like 450 Charter cities. The “doughnut” is so powerful a general concept that it need not–maybe SHOULD not–be bottled up in the sector economics. It can relate much more powerfully to the central and more general goals of government and community public service, and we have so far experienced no problem with it being seen this way as a central orienting perspective of city government. I will send a more complete report once the charter with the doughnut definition has cleared the City Council and been formally adopted.

Bill Myers