Animal welfare and the doughnut


Shouldn’t animal welfare be a marker on the inside of the doughnut? I work for a weaving company which uses a lot of animal fibres and although we don’t have any direct dealings with animals, as they are far up our supply chain, animal welfare is a key part of our sustainability policy. We’ve been halfway round the world to carry out audits!
Aside from our own emphasis, though, I would be interested to hear what others think about this being one of the social foundations making up the Doughnut.


I couldn’t agree more.

Unfortunately for the animals, without any reference to sustainability of our economy, businesses that use animals often try to maximize profits where the animal’s welfare is never considered.

We see this especially in the dairy industry producing milk with the public unaware of how that process works especially in how calves are treated and exploited.

I found this video addressing the issues of Factory Farming (no gore) that illustrates that most folks are unware of how animals are being treated creating our food source:

One of the direct issues with sustainability with a unsustainable global population growth rate will be the motivation to make food ‘cheaper’ by further degrading animal welfare on factory farms.

So clearly this is a issue with the Doughnet . . .