Anyone in Sydney, Australia keen to catch up and discuss all things Doughnut Economics?

Comment below or drop me a message. Online discussion on the forum is interesting but may be even more so face to face! Thanks :smile:

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Hi Rebecca, yes I’m from Sydney and interested in environmental regenerative business models. What about you?
Ross Jeffree

Hi Rebecca, I’m also in Sydney. I’ve applied to do a masters in London on Behavioural Economics, very related to much of what Kate talks about re: “rational economic man”. Will find out in a few weeks if I’m in.

I loved the book and would be delighted to chat further. What did you have in mind? I work in the city and live on the north side.


Hi Ross and Rachel,
Thank you for your replies. The ideas in the book are fantastic and seeing the thinking evolve online has been interesting. I am currently working in economics consulting in the cbd. I think it would great if either of you are available to meet up and share how and where we see opportunities for this ‘Douhgnut economics’ thinking in our work and study. I am open to recommendations in terms of location but I know of a nice cafe opposite Australia Square on Bond street.


Hi Rebecca and Rachel
Actually I am a semi-retired researcher in environmental science with an interest in sustainable economic and conservation models Happy to have a coffee when you like as my time is not so constrained. My mobile is 0412898286 if you want to chat!