Are you a teacher and want to talk about Doughnuts?

In the spring, I organised several workshop about Doughnut economics in our region. A short summery, you can find at my blog-site BUSINESSCONSTRUCTIONSITE

In the autumn, the group will continue to meet to further deepen the discussion. Success - in my opinion - I based on the fact we choose theme participants of the workshops care about to discuss the theory an its practical implication.

Next step will be to bring the workshops to other regions in The Netherlands.
For that (of course?) I made a ppt, including some background- film(fragments).

We have designed, researched and overworked a learning environment for combining Education for Sustainable development and statistics education, applying the Dougnut model. You find an Applet and some teaching materials here:
An information poster on the main Ideas of this environment can be found here:

We hope this is useful for some of you.

Check out the links I provided below. Maybe they re helpful. We would appreciate feedback on the materials.

I just teach ESL to Chinese university students and have begun to introduce the doughnut concept to talented science majors destined for foreign graduate schools. I have little time, but the 2018 TED talk is a great introduction (along with 3 horizons thinking). It seems current leaders are in denial still and young minds are eager for alternative models. I find Chinese students quite open-minded even as they are sucked into a frightening capitalist consumer frenzy and don’t recognize the hypocrisy. My freshmen Boling Economics class gets 4 weeks exchange at Oxbridge or Berkeley in their first summer at Nankai! I want them to realize the “Chinese Dream” MUST be different than the “American Dream.” But I can only plant a seed.