Bio-mimicry in Design

It seems to me, to imitate patterns & solutions already occurring in nature is integral inspiration for tackling many of the problems facing us in design. This is obviously nothing new, humans have always plagiarised from nature but what is new is the array of knowledge and information available to humans.

In this topic discussion I would like to compile a comprehensive list of organisations, companies and ideas that are successfully using Biomimicry as a core principle.
Examples where something is designed to optimally fulfil a primary function, to then be remanufactured, repurposed or recycled, before biodegrading.
We should be working towards 'zero waste in Design".
A concept from conception, not an after thought.

I am very optimistic that this virus can spread a new wave of consciousness around how & why to design solutions to be more environmentally focused.
In the same way popular internet posts have learnt to be viral.

So please can you leave any links to great examples of biomimicry?

So far I’ve investigated:
Design Guide
Ask Nature Source

Short Podcast

Have a look to Bionics by Examples: 250 Scenarios from Classical to Modern Times
Springer International Publishing by Werner Nachtigall

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Some more useful research links for Biomimicry: