Bringing the Doughnut to Bristol!


Hi everyone, really happy that @Kate has opened up this space to discuss all things DE! I am trying my very best to bring DE to Bristol, and am actively engaging with our council and our Mayor, Marvin Rees with it, in the hope that he will see the light!
I gave a talk as part of Bristol Housing Festival the other night. DE was quite a big part of it, and indeed it is a big part of our project and will be put into practice with each of the communities we start building soon and into the future. I thought you might like to take a look at the slides. The speaker notes are there too, so feel free to read my words too.
‘Tiny House Communitiy, Big Resilient Life’
It was also streamed live on Facebook. Here is the link. I was the last of three speakers Co-Living models - celebrating interdependence
It would be great to get some feedback from you guys :slight_smile:


Hi Rachel,

This looks great, nice presentation. I’m a big fan of the ideas and models you’ve included in there and think that housing is a good place to integrate generative development policies into it. We are hoping to do something similar up in Birmingham too. Land will always be the sticking point though, which is why may be of interest as well.


Well done Rachel
Good for you & lucky Bristol, you may be getting that SmartCity to take a Doughnut lead
Thanks to Andy for the pointer to #AffordableLand… really really important ideas there


Hi Andy,

Thanks so much for your feedback, and really interesting what you guys are up to in Birmingham! Thanks for the info. I will have a good look later.
Do you know how much land Birmingham council owns? Bristol City Council (to begin with) will be making several sites available across the city over the next 5 years as part of the Bristol Housing Festival, for innovators/pioneers etc. to all come together to build pilots of new types of housing and communities (for us, co-housing models). We have just finished the first event of the festival, a three week long public exhibition, which we took part in and had much interest. We’re waiting to hear what the next stage of the festival is going to be…hopefully land allocations! One of the hopes is that other cities will have their own housing festivals, to do similar, and allow their local creativity to blossom. Do you think there might be any chance Birmingham would be up for it? Would be so amazing to start linking up with other cities who are doing similar! Would be great to keep in touch with the great work you are already doing up there :slight_smile:
Also, I’m closely keeping an eye on the RSA’s Food Farming and Countryside commission, which is now halfway through. They have just published their interim report, which is V interesting in terms of land and housing! Take a look at theme 2 in their interim report here, called ‘Securing the value of land’. We have ambitions for ‘agri-villages’!


Thanks Tony :slight_smile: Will keep on going with it until we have a breakthrough!