Capturing Homo Economicus


Here is an idea for capturing the long sought-after Homo Economicus - known to exist in the realm of the immaterial, with few actual sightings.

How about thinking that YOU are Homo Economicus, making fully rational decisions maximizing personal utility? All you have to say to a denier - someone denying you ”caught it” - is that you know what you are doing with your money, but no one else can define what ”rational” means for you. That is your job.

All you have to do is assume free will, and it makes sense. As a salesperson, I’ve always assumed free will, since otherwise - how did I get the money from the transaction?

I think it is always good to remember that we are part of the collective society around us. This means that - as a valuating and capitalising being - it is perfectly rational of me to want to pay taxes to the collective, since I am part of the collective: it is just that I don’t want to do everything myself (I prefer to outsource God-like functions). But so - like a set of sets (society, where you are a set, of eg. emotions & experiences & knowings etc.) by feeding the big set, you are also protecting yourself as the little set, because you don’t have to try and be God and can - for example - acquire the protective services of policemen and soldiers. As a start.

So, I guess Homo Economicus is like a tool that you wear as a market participant. You define what is rational, if you choose it to be so.

Ps. Please find my essay ”Connecting People” on the basics of the Market Sciences:

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Hello @herrakirjuri,

I´ve wrote an article on Homo Economicus´ interpretation, you may are interested in. The article looks at HE, inclusion of empathy and summarizes my human model briefly. There is a translation widget in the menu to read in your prefered language: