DEAL Community Platform launches!

Hi everyone,

Doughnut Economics Action Lab (DEAL) is excited to announce the launch of our Community Platform which you can find at


This is a place for the growing worldwide Doughnut Economics community to connect, share, inspire and get inspired by the many ways people are putting the ideas of Doughnut Economics into practice.

You can find our announce post here with more details.

We’d love to see lots of you join and continue to help turn Doughnut Economics from a radical idea into transformative action!

All the best,
Karn, on behalf of the DEAL Team


I’m so excited about joining a community of people interested in experimenting with the concepts presented in Raworth’s book. Also appreciative of the open source pictures and materials provided by the Lab. Taking one and putting into a presentation this week (of course crediting Raworth as the creator). Thank you!

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