Does an Excel or Powerpoint model/figure of the Doughnut exist?

Hi everyone, Is there an excel model/figure in Excel or Powerpoint to tailor the Doughnut to our local situation?

Would be very thankful if someone could help.



Hello Stef, my name is Brian. I am just beginning to cast the doughnut model into Excel 2019. I’m hoping to use this Excel model to manage the transition of the farm I manage from the old industrial model to a regenerative model. If successful, the Excel model will show how farm management decisions impact the segments on the outside and inside of the doughnut. If I do the model right, it may be able to be extended to non-agriculture contexts.

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I am most interested to see how this new XL program is written.

Hi Brain, Great to hear from you! Actually, I also have a farm haha, perhaps we can collaborate. Cheers, Stef

Good to hear from you Stef. I will send my work in the Excel spreadsheet to you, but I still need to do a fair amount of work on it.

Interesting that we both have farms. Some people say that the only true source of wealth for a nation, a community, or a farm comes from the photosynthetic process through green plants growing in healthy soils. If that is true, then our adoption of Doughnut to farms will be valuable!!

I like the Pioneers of Our Time website. Please keep up the good work!
I will share the URL with my daughter. She lives in Nuremberg, Germany.

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Hello David, Presently I am in the ideation phase.

The concept is a dash-board-like presentation for each field of the farm, showing where that field stands with respect to Soil Organic Matter (SOM), bio-diversity, water retention, carbon sequestration, forage/nutritive quality of what’s grown, and the economic factors of yield, gross revenue and margins. Maybe a bar graph on each parameter. Each bar coded red/or green to reflect current state (at time of last measurement). Also a trend indicator to convey dynamic movement (again red/green/neutral). Ways in which these measures might be rolled up into aspects of the outer ring of the donut will be explored also.

That’s the idea anyway. I’ll keep you apprised of the progress. Would you be interested in reviewing it when I begin to implement these concepts into Excel?


Thanks Brian. I am interested in what you are proposing to do, and I can help you with your reviewing before or within the XL program.