Doughnut Economics for local businesses

I´m looking for experience in using the Doughnut in a local setting. But not just some civilians that have this interest, I would like to actually use it for the companies in my home town.

I´m thinking about:

  1. translating the Doughnut to local measurements: if it is about your own town, maybe easier to connect?
  2. starting up a network of companies interested
  3. translating the 7 steps to individual business level

If you have any experience or ideas, please let me know.

Many thanks,

Hi Daphne!
I totally understand your impulse here. The Doughnut is such a compelling model and I think many people are trying to figure out how best to apply the model at a more micro-economic level. I suggest that you check out the Strongly Sustainable Business Model Group - and if you use LinkedIn, there is a group with over 1500 members globally. Simply search for the group in LinkedIn and ask to join.

The group was created around the graduate work of Antony Upward, in Toronto. Anthony took Alex Osterwalder’s “Business Model Generator” book and considered how this framework could be adapted to fully embrace the challenges and opportunities for creating ‘sustainable’ businesses, and not simply ‘successful’ ones. I’ve been part of the group since 2013, about a year after group began to form. We continue to have monthly face-to-face meetings, which are all broadcast over the internet, as well as recorded and accessible for anyone. Each monthly meeting involves one or two presenters - from all over the world - working on this.

Although we have drawn inspiration from a history of inspired thinking in ecological economics, Kate’s book on “Doughnut Economics” has provided a major boost. It seems that the two levels - Kate’s macro-economic level, as well as business/enterprise-based micro-economic strategies, structures, feedback loops and systems - require bridging.

So, please have a look at the SSBMG materials (and you can find more info on websites if you check out as well as We are in the process of building a Flourishing Enterprise Institute, which is envisaged as being a decentralized research and development network around the world. There’s lots going on!

If you want to connect directly, I can be reached at



Strongly Sustainable Business Model Group as mentioned above as being in LinkedIn is simply not there! What is the name of the group that really can help in this quest for model building?

Hi David:
Not sure why it is not popping up for you. Here is the direct link that I just pulled off LinkedIn.
I hope it works.

Dear Douglas,

Many thanks for all the info and explanation. I´m thrilled that so much already has been done! I will look into everything and already applied for the Linkedin group. I might contact you again, if any question stays unanswered. But so far this is great.

Thanks again,