Doughnut @ home? Engaging with citizens


Does anyone know if there have been any attempts to use a version of the doughnut model to communicate with citizens/households?

I’m in the planning phase of a project to increase awareness of circular economy initiatives in our region. I think our target audience will be mostly citizens rather than organisations and businesses, so I’m wondering if anyone has any experience of using the doughnut in that context, or a version of it?

I like the idea of calling it “doughnut @ home” as it sounds like the kind of thing which would make people curious (rather than “circular economy initiatives and how to support them!”).



Excellent idea.

We have to engage the public versus just academics talking to each other.

Kate’s book is excellent and provides a lot of very good information . . . but even then it’s probably beyond the ability of most folks to really grasp.

Getting more in tune with everyday folks I think is the answer.

I try to do this on social media with my twitter @EconomyRealitic where I try to address topical issues using basic economics mechanics.

But even then I get few likes on topics that I realize are not really beyond the basics but many folks simply don’t have any economic knowledge at all except the political slogan ‘we’ll just grow ourselves out of our problems’.

In any event, please keep us posted on your progress. It’s a great idea!



Thank you for the encouragement!