Earth Calling - I'm creating a 6 months residential course in practical sustainability (Copenhagen, Denmark)


Dear All.
I’m creating a 6 months residential course in practical sustainability at a folk high school north of Copenhagen, Denmark. I am going to use the Doughnut as one of the key mental models to guide my students thinking and action towards a sustainable future. Throughout the next year, I will share with you any exercises or slides i create in this thread.

One idea i have, is to use the doughnut as a tool for making a ‘local transition strategy’ and set my students the task of coming up with ways we could move the college towards the ‘socially just and ecologically safe space for humanity’.

Has anyone here already used the doughnut in their classrooms? or has something they would want to share with me?

This is the link to the course page (in Danish):

Are you a teacher and want to talk about Doughnuts?

Hi Jacob,

The “Doughnut Economics” is a model that relates to all this, The Biodynamics community are realising that is relates to the thoughts of Rudolf Steiner. The Permaculture community realise that is relates to the thoughts of Bill Millison, and Permaculture.

It is NOT a compicated model. BUT, it has huge implications for Economics, as an accademic discipline, and for economic life across the planet.

My only input for you is to not limit you vision. Be open, to the sciences, the arts, history and culture, and society, both human and “natural”, including bacteria and fungi, etc.

I am currently developing a network of websites, about 40 at present, to support “useful action and interaction”, around Permaculture Designs and Developments.

These, particularly in a community context, any community, be that cultural, linguistic, location, or whatever.

Also, I am supporting several “Citizen Science” projects, beginning with “Circular Chromatography”.

I have been asked by a few collaborators to work together to develop an “Index of suppliers of seeds and cuttings useful in Permaculture projects”, which might interest you. It will be a global resource.

In time, I will associate it with the Permaculture Plant Database at

I believe, in the medium and long term, my most important project is to initiate the co-creation of Multi-Language, Multi-LETSystems working with smartphones apps, with A. I. servers doing anonymised analysis, and providing “easy to understand” displays.

My “Axis” site provides links to most of the ongoing and developing work.

At the top of this webpage where is a link to a PDF “About Me”, which provides some information on my background, in English, French, Dutch, and Spanish.

If you would like to more or less directly collaborate, please let me know.

All the best to you and yours,


Nigel Stewart, of UK origin, now in Brussels, Belgium.



Thank you Jacob for sharing this.

Couple of things to discuss:

  1. Since all the information is in Danish, I am unable to understand; is there an English translation available?
  2. If so, would it be okay to share the content with my son’s school? He is in Grade 2 this year.

Warmest regards,