Economic Science Fiction - an invitation


I’m an editor with the British Science Fiction Association. In the next issue of our magazine Focus, which is for science fiction writers, we are publishing list of prompts and ideas about alternative economic systems. We’d really welcome suggestions, especially from economists. You can see the working list here (some of which are inspired by Kate’s amazing book). Feel free to be as technical and wonkish as you like. You could post suggestions here, and/or email them to Thank you!


PS: Of course, science fiction isn’t just a space for exploring better systems, or critiquing existing systems. It’s also a space where hypotheses can be explored and models can be invented for their own sake, out of sheer curiosity. We very much welcome sideways and strange suggestions for incorporating economics into science fiction, to open-endedly test writers’ imagination and intellect. Sometimes, of course, moments of real world applicability arrive unexpectedly.


For a book already written with an alternative economic system try:

Voyage from Yesteryear by James P. Hogan

One thing that could have already been done is making Double-Entry Accounting mandatory in our schools since 1960. I find it interesting that Capitalists, Socialists and Communists do not mention something so simple.

In fact a Swedish high school teacher claiming to be a socialist objected to the idea on the grounds that, “the mathematics would make capitalism seem logical to the students”.

Economics and Economic Ideologies are not the same thing and we are propagandized and lied to by Believers.