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DOUGHNUT DESIGN is generating momentum??

If one follows the links far enough one reaches the URL below[1] one will eventually end up at the profile page of the Punit Renjen (CEO, Deloitte Global). If one then watches Netflix’s documentary The China Hustle[2], a documentary which the Forbes reviews and says is the “The Most Important Film Of 2018”, one can watch Punit Renjen engage in good old reputation mining claiming Deloitte Global is trustworthy all the while facilitating massive fraud in the US capital markets (he makes a brief cameo appearance in the Netflix documentary). Essentially, we are sold that Deloitte is a trustworthy auditor of the financials but in reality this is a sham stealing hundreds of millions from US investors which ultimately hurts the common man and women. Firms like Deloitte are part of the problem with capitalism today, in my view.

[1] https://www2.deloitte.com/us/en/profiles/punit.html

[2] https://www.netflix.com/jp-en/title/80221646

[3] https://www.forbes.com/sites/markhughes/2018/03/30/review-the-china-hustle/#7c56ede03357

This is actually why this article is of importance - because the parts of the problem are waking up to the concept that actually we do need a new system with new principles and new ideas for the old problems. They may not be the ones that will provide those solutions but the fact that they are looking at the issues from different perspectives proves to me that we are seeing movement - its gradual but its starting to permeate and disseminate and penetrate the entire thought ecosystem of how we should organize modern society. That movement is the first indication to me that there is slowly opening up a window of opportunity for substantial and significant positive change - possibly over a much shorter time frame than everyone currently thinks is physically or humanly possible. Yes Deloittes might be part of the previous structural and financial problems that are eating away at the current financial infrastructure like a every growing parasite - something that does not add value or contribute anything but is skimming off and disseminating the value and contributions to our stand of living made by so many other willing and capable participants in this global reality that we now live in. I want to emphasize though that this article is however a sign of hope and encouragement toward those that are diligently and patiently working towards a number of better solutions across a broad spectrum of industries and societies at this time. There is movement - it’s very real and very tangible at this very point in time - this movement can gain it’s own momentum too if it can deliver real and tangible benefits to society and towards a more stable and sustainable " doughnut " . My contribution hopefully will be support some of these efforts in areas that can promote and support the maximum potential to make an impact on key areas and weaknesses that currently are exposed in the current equilibrium - most signifantly climate change and safeguarding our biodiversity as well as genealogical health andsafety - protecting endangered cultures and extinction ( eg : Tibet, Kurds etc etc etc there are many ) ,which is sometimes over looked but is also an important part of our kaleidoscope of bio and human diversity - for the richness of earth also lies in its diversity - everything and everyone can and should be equally capable of participating in what could be the biggest opportunity in the history of human kind to create abundance of resources - energy - food - shelter - health - compassion - inclusiveness - happiness .

Maybe the best way for us to describe this new reality is the thrive economy which can thrive not at the cost to the planet or its inhabitants but in absolute harmony with it. Any theory that this cannot happen has already be proven wrong with recent advances in technology and those that are currently in laboratories - its just up to all of us know to " believe " now in what we might think is a dream but it can become our reality if enough of us re-prioritize our thoughts and efforts towards it.

It’s for all of our own good and for all of us to bear the fruits of so let’s get to work on it now and stop pointing blame on all the old system participants - they already know that their time is up and are already adapting to the new paradigm . Let’s not act in fear though too of hunger or of system collapse because we all working together on common projects can provide enough energy/KwH / clean sustainable food / clean water / shelter / health system / education.

All our most common human needs in complete abundance - estimates of combining new methods of food production / energy production and water filtration and health techniques indicate that if implemented even as minimum viable product / project can be done on a small or tiny scale to prove to the world how we can exist in a more sustainable and thriving new economy.

This is what we can materially do to make this dream a reality - even in the next 2-3 years and scalable up the template if it works like the speed of a great video on utube that goes viral and gets 25 million views in a month - our new connectivity allows and empowers us to do this quickly more than ever before - we just need the test case the proof of concept on a small scale that people can adapt and implement across the planet in a relatively short period of time .

This is why I must emphasize - this problem is not too big for us to solve - in many ways it’s already been solved for the most part but nobody has pieced all the solutions together into the new thrive economy .This is what I recommend we do now - to provide the template and the proof of concept of how we can thrive - especially in the most poorest countries in the world - in sub saharan africa where there is by the way some of the highest amounts of daily sun shine hours - ( a source of energy ) .

In india too where actually they need these solutions to combat the high population densities but also benefit from some of the highest levels of new tech adoption in the world . In the UK especially too where we enjoy a privileged position of being a potentially powerful showcase for the world - if the UK accepts this challenge today and seeks to adopt a very plausible and scientifically proven methods of combining technologies and financial ecosystems in new and innovative ways to create an extremely executable proof of concept on a small scale .

Lets examine an example -" if a small town or even village could agree to create for themselves a new economy from the top down then it could be done very quickly - it doesn’t have to be big the smaller the better so long as it can be scaled up without encountering growing pains " We do this … its not too big to accomplish on the smallest scale with the right team work - even the councils and boroughs are now seeing growing ground level support for a sustainable future in the UK - the green party result at the latest election is also testimony to this ( surprising even the greens I think !!!)

Alternatively also another way is to provide and existing community with types of parallel solutions that can run in line with the existing infrastructure and gradually set the community free from its current centralized dependencies .

This is also commercially viable and even a good investment since it should provide immediate benefits to its participants, I have been working on how to piece this together and all the moving parts are there but it needs seed capital from a start up or a new charity to implement - I think startup capital is more likely but actually a hybrid model of profit / non-profit will actually cut through all the red tape quicker and provide a substantial impact . What I have in mind is a charitable trust that provides a new kind of platform - then the profit based models that are alligned with our objectives ( sustainable thriving economy ) can leverage the non-profit platforms to provide maximum value .

The concept is at a very early stage ( just in my head actually for now ) and I am not committing all my time to it yet as it’s only part of the bigger puzzle but essentially I can outline the generally all - emcompassing idea of a :

Demonized zed UTILITY ECO

essentially it means that all essential goods and services for the new modern economy are
utiliized and become available in a more efficient ecosystem and way delivery access and exchange of those utilities . Starting with (Phase #1 energy/ food / water /social media ) ( Phase #2 housing /transport /education ) ( Phase #3 Health / art / self improvement ) .

This is a completely self for-filling an autonomous ecosystem which essentially co-evolves and co-exists - every single layer is entirely interdependent and completely autonomous but also aligned to the same goals and the universal laws of nature and the physical universe that we co-exist with but should better harmonize with to create the thrive economy. As these “basic” needs are integrated into a new ecosystem then scarcity can effectively no longer exist in this new reality because the old capitalistic model of everyone to his own and dog eat dog style of approach to our existence cannot take hold because our most common and essential needs can longer be in question or be put into the shareholder model of maximum profit sometimes at the cost to the ultimate consumer - this is where capitalism is weak -its great at allocating resources efficiently but it’s creates enormous inequalities . The utility model evens the inequalities but does not limit in any way how much we can thrive and pursue the maximum health wealth and happiness for all of us too on an individual basis.

The UTILITY based economy would also allow our most common needs to be decoupled from normal mediums of exchange ( money ) . Essentially this new economy should essentially allow you to survive and even thrive for the most part - without and direct need for money for your most integral daily needs ( as listed above ) . This disconnect is the most empowering and life enhancing thing that we can do and what the " Utility based economy " can do - put in a few words - it free’s us from money or the need for money , this is potentially the most powerful and enriching thing that could ever happen in our life times . That does not mean that money will cease to exist - probably there will be more money in the future than there is now - especially if like I say it will be a thrive economy -so there will be plenty of everything - even the most important resource of all " TIME " and if the utileconomy supports the livelihood of it’s citizens they can be empowered to pursue things they never thought possible before and never thought they could do or imagine . Essentially we will all end up with all of our essential needs and - free time . This is all possible with what we have now and what is on the tech horizon in the next 3-5 years . However - the old system will not close down for business immediately it will be phased out essentially and most predominently by one all empowering and essential common reality - CONSUMER CHOICE - I see that the consumer is now aware that there are choices - and if charitable trusts and start ups start to put up more viable choices that the current ecosytems of goods and services provide then consumer choice can provide that change - by simply changing their choices - they are essentially free to choose and if we can provide better solutions then the consumer will ultimately decide with their buying and service behavior - if they are offered the right alternatives and the numbers stack up - the adoption process will not be democratic or even touch on the political realm - it can essentially be crowd funded and crowd adopted . All we need to do now is understand how all those essential needs can be redesigned and packaged in the " thrive " model of the utileconomy- if we look around though there are already a growing group of professionals in almost every sector who already understand this -all we actually really need is just the platform for them to collaborate on without restriction in an open source network of thoughts ideas actions - capital and communication throughout the entire solution ecosystem. Actually doughnuteconomics.org is already doing this - this is demonstrated by the fact that I’m able to disseminate ideas and potentially calls to action through this common website. No doubt also that doughnut could play a pivotal role in this entire scenario given that it set down the original template and concept of a new design - the concept of a new design is the essential message of the doughnut in itself so why can it not be part of the implementation of the first physical prototype of that new thrive econcomy ?

So - that’s a good summary of my thoughts for today - always a joy to contribute here - have a nice day everyone and if had the time to read some or all of this then I really appreciate this opportunity to share and compare notes again - thanks doughnuteconomics.org !!! May the platform live long and prosper!

Kindest Regards and best wishes,

Thank you Perpetuo,

I am 100% in agreement on the new vision for a new economy. It is the only way if want our children and grand children to have a future. My only point is that global firms like Deloittes are playing both sides, and it is not something that is past – they are doing it as we speak. Part of this new vision MUST hold firms that do this accountable. For their power is immense, and if they are allowed to get by with the empty excuse, “It wasn’t me, it was an independent franchize!” while lending their prestigious name to fraud, deception, and manipulation of markets, it will eventually undermine the very vision you speak of. Consistency matters, is all I am saying. But I am completely with you on the need for a new economic vision.