Guardian Article on Amsterdam embracing doughnu

The article deals with just one or two of the dilemma’s constantly in my head. It mentions the port being one of the “largest importers of cocoa beans from west Africa where labour is often exploitative” and the Port taking the hit economically. But, doesn’t say how the doughnut deals with the economic hit to the exploited labour and exporters in west Africa and how they still get to stay in the doughnut and we still achieve the SDG’s under those circumstances. Can someone explain to me what the west Africans are expected to do once their exports are reduced or cut off?

Ok. So I guess I’ve sort of answered my own question here. But these are all long term and as with the fashion industry it’s taking a long time.

  1. Reduce amount of chocolate eaten in West - better for waist lines? Yeah right.

  2. Back to Mike Berners Lee - check supply chain and only buy what does no harm/fair trade etc - only for those not on breadline?

  3. Fight for/help fund better employment rights globally?

  4. Develop Cocoa app like the fashion one “Good on You”?