Imágenes de la Rosquilla en Espanol


Hola, as you can probably tell, no sé hablar Espanol (perdóname) but I do have two things to share with you.

  1. Doughnut Economics is called Economía Rosquilla in Spain because the word ‘doughnut’ has been trademarked. If you don’t believe me…

  2. I have two fantastic doughnut images to share with you in Spanish. Please feel free to use them in presentations, teaching, publications. Please give the source as the Spanish edition of my book. Raworth, K. (2018) Economía rosquilla: 7 maneras de pensar la economía del siglo XXI, Ediciones Paidós


Thank you very much Kate for the pictures. Regarding the name “Economia Rosquilla”, I realised, the first time I saw the title of the book in Spanish, the problem you mention about the trade mark rights. But my question is… I think this is a problem that occurs only in Spain and besides the book was edited and printed here in Spain so, what about Latin-America countries? I don’t think they have the problem with the mark. Are you or the editor going to keep the same name “Economia Rosquilla” for the whole Spanish-speaking countries?


Good question and I don’t know the answer 100% - it depends on what the publishers decide to do. We shall see…