Introducing the Cynefin Framework


If looking at systems thinking and complexity … its well worth a look at the Cynefin Framework

It has been a great help to me make sense of the Simple/Complicated/Complex/Chaos in my work.

To introduce this powerful way to make sense of the world, perhaps we should start with Dave Snowdens intro video explainer…


The Cynefin framework has a core role in my research, too.
I write about it mainly in Dutch, but with occasional English summaries and translated visuals.
This is where I document my research on the performativity of control versus trust.


Downloaded your paper When do Theories Become Self-fulfilling? My education was in business/accounting, but moved over to software engineering after disillusioned with accounting here in the states.


Really helpful - thank you for sharing this! I have done a fair bit of reading (and facilitation) in the realm of systems thinking and had missed this up to now! Great input.


Glad to see others find it useful.
For those who find that intro video a bit of a challenge, try this brief related one on "Organising a Children’s Party "