Josef H. Reichhof - a very interesting unconventional thinker in ecology



For the definition of the upper limits of the doughnut I can recommend the book
“The Demise of Diversity: Loss and Extinction (Sustainability Project)” of J.H. Reichholf

Reichholf is not a conservation enthusiast. He has a very systemic view of actions to protect our environment!


Its available as eBook:


It seems to me the demise of diversity is a function of financially organized man, that is, governments and businesses both of which only supply solutions that create even more problems by believing . The problem is materialism. Materialism has no principles because it has no focus, so how do we expect to accomplish anything meaningful? Principles are universal guides for conduct that are necessarily non-contradictory and always promote our lives and they cannot be found from a material perspective which is why we have so many problems related to exploitation. Maybe this is the real problem.