Leveraging the doughnut in organistional strategy for better business, social and planetary decisions

Hi everyone. My name is Andi. I am the Head of Organisational Strategy at the City of Casey (local government/municipality) here in Victoria, Australia. I am a big fan of the doughnut economics model and I’ve been working over the last few months to build on Kate’s model to create a simple, easy-to-implement approach that enables organisations (including local government municipalities like us) to make better social, business and planetary decisions when creating their strategies (thank you to Amsterdam City for leading the charge).

What is becoming increasingly apparent to me is that traditional organisational strategy models (and the processes we use to create strategy) are no longer fit for the challenges we are facing. But I see really good news - there is a way we can leverage the best of the most progressive models to bring the intention of doughnut economics to life and have our organisations making better decisions.

I posted a LinkedIn article last night that I hope will start to bring awareness to this new way of thinking, as well as encourage organisations to start to relinquish old growth-based strategy planning models - Traditional organisational strategy no longer works… and here’s why.

My callout to this forum - I’m really keen to connect with others to hear how they are implementing the model, build a bigger movement for changing the approach to organisational strategy, and gain feedback on what’s working and what’s not. If you are keen to connect - either post below or connect with me on Linked In.

Whilst there are some serious challenges ahead of us, it is an exciting time for us to start making a difference. I am really excited to dig in!

Have a look into https://www.ecogood.org/
and combine it with the doughnut!
:slight_smile: Johannes