Long term impact of business - infografic?

A few days ago, I realised, that mostly when we talk with entrepreneurs about sustainability, they react in a typical way.
Of course, they are already taking measurements to contribute to sustainability, mostly the technical aspect of it. Mostly, they are talking about here and now.
But, basically, sustainability is a long term goals, one with long term impact, anyway. Most of them do not work with the concept of ‘7 generations from now’ - what will be your legacy, also in sustainability terms?
In policy making, often data from the past used to make a call for the future. Short term. Next 4 years, sometimes a bit longer. We have infografics for that.
Could we make infografics about the long term impact of a company/ a certain branche? Might we create a way to envision social and environmental impact?

For myself, I started with some sketches, but still searching for the right ‘signals’ in it.
Any thoughts?

Infographics starts with data. What data is available? What data was used in policy making you’re aware of?

Also, can you list the exising infographics you’ve mentioned for the reference?