Mass Mobilization

I wanted to know if anyone else here thought that mass mobilization would be necessary for the economic changes we want to see? I don’t see the doughnut model being implemented into any economic system unless there is broad support from the people, particularly working-class and poor people. They have the most to gain from this system, whereas the ruling classes have the most to lose. It seems apparent that the ruling classes are content with driving this world, our economic and political systems into the ground. Unless we have general strikes, similar to the ones we’re seeing Amazon and McDonald’s workers do in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic. I should add that a general strike is being organized for May 1st as well. No major changes have been implemented without wide-ranging mobilizing efforts or popular support. I think it’s crucial that working peoples and poor people across the world realize the power they have and the demands that can be made. We need not look further than the screeching halt of the U.S. economy during the pandemic; many of the jobs that people aren’t working any longer wouldn’t even be classified as essential. I feel that if we have any hope of getting equitable distribution of wealth and resources, raising the standard of living in the global south, and confronting climate change than we must rely on each other.

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