Media Engagement


As we scan the daily media we see a lot of discussion about ‘growth’ . . . but very little about sustainability.

Sadly, I find most media folks tend to be ‘feel good’ economists who sensationalize issues like growth and rarely add any context to their articles.

So I take the approach of either calling or tweeting these folks and try to extend their thoughts to the topics Kate brings forth in her book.

Unfortunately, many media outlets use politicians ‘press releases’ as the foundation of their articles. We get a real good presentation of a proposed benefit / intention but rarely any of the costs to obtain same.

My suggestion is we need more involvement with media to bring the topic of sustainability into the discourse both politically and in the economic circles.

If you have a twitter account, search for #sustainability and you’ll see that most if not all the tweets are from companies promoting sustainability from a promotional point of view of their product but rarely discuss the topics in Doughnut Economics.

My twitter account is @EconomyRealitic and I try each day to reference Kate’s book into these hashtag feeds including the more general #DayOfTheWeekThoughts (example: #MondayThoughts) to gain exposure to a greater audience perhaps not realizing that economic discussions are even in play on twitter beyond the extensive tweets on market performance or predictions for same.

I strongly suggest we use social media in a rational intelligent manner and hopefully expose more people to the concepts we know to be important but are mostly ignored by the mainstream media including economic basics.

Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome!



I absolutely agree. Simply the intelligent use of Facebook, Twitter and other social and search advertising would have a huge effect, especially if channelled towards a well-designed funnel ending at focused real action.

And if that focused real action were a donation for further advertising (Facebook says it can reach 4,000 people for £5), then the entire process could be self-sustaining and exponentially growing. Donate £$€5 and ALL of that money will be spent on further advertising. Ads raising money to pay for ads to raise money to pay for ads, etc - raising awareness as they go. And for your fiver you can even pick which ad you want to sponsor! .

Another thing that people don’t realise is that you can target some social media advertising directly to a single account. In other words, it is relatively easy to show many politicians, media influencers and other individuals social media advertisements tailored specifically to them. The power of this is only beginning to be understood.

The Russians do it. Vacuous celebrities do it. Agencies do it. It has been done, is being done, and can be done.