Mobile shelters producing food ~ Tiny-Greenhomes : room for 128 ampha-aquaponic plantings + amenities


Please support prototype progress ongoing, of MacLean’s tiny-greenhouse’s; mobile shelters capable of producing food ~ Tiny-greenhomesdotcom ~ continuing to make room; for 128 ampha-aquaponic plantings + amenities such as a small kitchen, bed, standing and sitting work space, and shower and bath. The kitchen’s design is currently encouraging of combustible fuel, however as may prove unnecessary with the advent of additional Fresnel technology in development. Each tiny-greenhome may be as an intended component to a biomodest lifestyle, and of honest means to regenerate both our economic status, and our ecosystems !

If our garden grew above us, within a quad captured thrice drained ampha-aquaponc system, what packaging would we need purchase, beyond for need of celebration?

If this garden were comprised of soil-cells {to pick up the micro nutrients hydroponic gardening alone may traditionally lack}, and were contained to drain into the shower, and bath; would our farming {calibrated with a tiny-greenhome to be of capacity to produce 2000+ calories a day, with reseeding} recycle and recapture enough water, to consider affective to our water cycles?

What amount of carbon emissions would we decrease asking ourselves and others to create, for our groceries to be brought to our stores, if we did not have to get into the car to go as often? And what margin of time would we recapture~ with our rent and our food reduced to one, non-reoccurring, cost?

Thank you for your support of these projects ongoing! More information on my personal involvement with mobile agriculture and tiny-greenhouses, can be found on facebook @ and at the links listed below!