Open Platform Cooperatives + related International Conference in London


FYI there is a conference in London yesterday & today about the power of Open Platform Cooperatives, much of it fits right in with the principles in Doughnut Economics.

More info about it here;

You can expect more content, inc videos on there later.

With links to videos from last years conference available here

See links to more on the open platform cooperative movement here

See the twitter feed here;

Here is an interesting approach, co produced notes from the attendees!

Have mentioned Doughnut Economics several times to attendees here, so maybe some will show up here to join the discussions


FYI a great summary article of that #opencoop event here, with lots of interesting links to open coops in action


Great article @tony.shannon

Interesting that Laura mentions a speaker who was looking to review and revisit the ‘Triple Bottom Line’ model of economics (Social & Environmental cost as well as ‘Economic’ cost) and improve/modernise it. Which actually sounds a lot like Doughnut Economics.