Population excess and resource utilisation


I see resource’s as a spectrum which present day economics, greed and free markets can not deal with. Simply put resources are renewable in total in part or non-renewable. Easily obtained or available at high cost.
If an item is renewable and the cost not dependant on higher cost limited resource then the consumption is limited by the production capacity.
All resource use is contained within a time frame, a sort of how long do we wish the human niche to continue. At present we know that various resources have reached peak values and will exhaust rapidly with current use rates, demand and populations increasing. Do we see the human race continuing to expand while resources deplete as a good thing, if yes you are either blind or Donald Trump.
Energy can be from renewable sources, wind, waves, water but is dependant on other resources, metals, plastics, minerals. Those inputs will in some instances have limits as per the Doughnut. A doughnut in time is essential to look at and limit use , reuse, recovery and if not depletion the escalating costs of recovery generated by dilution into the general environment. Helium and Phosphorus spring to mind.
The rarity, cost of recovery and essential need for a resource v population size and demand are inseparable considerations.
Currently the human race in expanding numbers are depleting at a rate that will see massive changes to the human niche within a small time frame, certainly within this century.