Precursor of the doughnut economics


Dear all,

I’ve just been informed of Kate Raworth’s book in a French news paper’s article announcing the publication of the edition translated in French. I’ve not read it yet, but as soon I’ve seen the doughnut economics’ chart, I thought of another chart I saw years ago. From the transcription of K. Raworth’s interview for this article, I fell that she never seen the latter before and I can’t check yet in her bibliography.

Therefore, I’d like to share with you what could be seen a preliminary sketch of the doughnut economics’ chart (attached file). It is extracted from a relatively old but very good and inspiring book wrote in the late 1970s by a French economist, René Passet and untitled “L’économique et le viant”. I guess that the latter could be seen as a precursor of the doughnut economics. I unfortunately don’t know whether this book was translated in English or not.

Also, I’ve seen among the comments posted on the platform, an advise to read another relatively old book by Joël de Rosnay untitled “Le Macroscope”. Note that R. Passet and J. de Rosnay belonged to a reflexion group (Le Groupe de Dix) that gather together scientists, historians, economists, lawers, as well as sometimes politicians during the first half of the 1970s.




Lovely to see that, I can recognise the overlap in thinking.
Always nice to see independent minds come to similar conclusions.
I don’t see it the bibliography… I’m sure @kateraworth would want to know about it
Thank you


Nice finds, Jean-Louis, both books were good and may be seen as precursors of Kate Raworth’s work. Her special talent is her ability to synthetise a wide array of ideas and data well ordered into that circular presentation that she calls “doughnut economics”.