Presentation for ordinary citizens


Question: does somebody have a presentation that can be used in meetings with citizens that don’t have an economic background. Just ordinary people like the man and woman next door. In English or dutch.


Hi Jan - good question. Do you mean a short video to show or do you mean slides with a set of talking notes? You are prompting me to get making one…


Hi Kate,

Thanks for your reaction. I think it can be a combination.
I am looking for a way to reach people who are not really interested in “big issues” because they are thinking it is very complicated and are finding it too abstract. But somehow allready are sensing that things are not going well in the way now we deal with the planet and with each other. They feel “it’s about me” but don’t know how to transalte this in their daily life.

People who with a good explanation and a subsequent conversation pick up the essence of the necessary transformation and translate it to themselves and their immediate environment. A translation of your ideas from more or less abstract to concrete. Or from world level to the level of their immediate environment. From circle of involvement to circle of influence. On a very individual level.

Municipal elections will be held here in two weeks. Reading your book has increased my determination to vote for a green party. Especially because you show the connection between justice and stewardship as essential for the future of the planet and humanity.Here in the Netherlands, these are Groen Links and the Party for the Animals. I would like to contribute myself to spreading the ideas. Another idea: developping train-the-trainer sessions to help local people tell this story in their own neighborhood.

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Hi there
How about Kate Raworth’s TED lecture on Doughnut Economics?

Would be a lively and easy to understand precursor to break-out table discussions, such as sketching ideas around your geographic area. How do stakeholders perceive its performance against Doughnut criteria? Then a plenary to decide what effects are due to internal i.e. local and what is due to external activity. What can be controlled locally, what actions can be taken now? What might require other action?


I showed the TED lecture to a mixed audience at work yesterday - invited all office-based staff (work is a weaving company with a strong emphasis on sustainability, so there had been some previous exposure to the topic). It was well received and we had some good discussion afterwards. Although the talk is not ideal for that audience (I’d welcome more materials if/when you develop them, Kate), it was a good place to start.


Thanks for the feedback. Good to be working for a company that values sustainable practice. TED lecture still on my agenda. I’m involved with a Community-Led Housing initiative. We’re planning some open meetings for our town. We want to start discussions by sharing new ideas, whilst encouraging citizens to find their own solutions. For everyone’s sake these solutions need to look after the local and global environment as well as the users. Careful planning needed.


Thanks all for the reactions.


I am actually looking for presentation material, i.e. translatable graphics, powerpoint, etc. Ideally at least part sharable, i.e. under a creative commons license. Can someone help?


I am looking for a catchword, phrase, or slogan to describe the kinds of ideas in Doughnut Economics. I want to say, “I’d like to talk, write, or do a presentation on X,” where X describes the ideas in Doughnut Economics. X would hopefully reference, in addition to Doughnut Economics, other similar ideas. I have read Kate Raworth’s cogent criticisms of the term “degrowth”. Unfortunately, I can’t think of a better catchword. Is anyone working on this problem, or consider it a problem at all?


Also felt the need for such a phrase.

Currently I’m using “Universal Well Being”.

In this concept I usually mean well being for the planet, people, and animals.

For me, Doughnut Econimics fits right in. And I look at this concept also as a vision and as a movement which includes many other people and organizations.


I’ve spent the last dozen years trying various ways to communicate with and inspire the public around this issue. Kate is a great communicator so I hope she does create some presentation resources that all can use. In the meantime you might find a few things of use from some of the things I’ve done or curated at GrowthBusters:

43 episodes of Conversation Earth podcast (including 2 with Kate):
21 episodes (so far) of GrowthBusters podcast:

The forum is limiting me to two links, so apologies for no links to the following (I’m sure you can search and find them):
100+ videos (and several useful playlists) on the GrowthBuster YouTube channel.
There are many great short videos others have created within those playlists (start with Free Black Friday GrowthBusters Screening 2018)

Groups still stage screenings/discussions of my 2011 documentary - GrowthBusters: Hooked on Growth

Of course, there won’t be ONE perfect way to connect with all audiences. There is, of course, a “growing” universe of speakers, books, films, etc. that address this in one way or another. Kate’s TED talk is one of the best!


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Thanks for doing that. I understand the need, thanks to bad actors out there!