Pubs as hubs of dissent and drivers of social and economic change


Pubs are closing forever, everywhere across the UK. This is because they’ve been chronically starved of investment for 30 years by private equity asset stripping vehicles calling themselves pubcos.

The reason pubs fail is they’re not fit for purpose run down, forlorn unfit-for-businesses selling boring global brand lagers, nitro keg beers and undrinkable wine few people want to buy as a Craft Ale Revolution sweeps the country; No one wants to meet friends in a desperately run down pub where the landlord has a thousand mile stare… It’s not rocket science: people STILL WANT to hang out with friends, family and colleagues in attractive, warm, welcoming, well looked after, quirky, friendly idiosyncratic pubs that Britain’s -The World’s - original social network was founded in and upon … People have always yearned for proper pubs but OUR pubs have failed to keep up with the reasonable standards people expect of their social hubs because nefarious freehold owners have run them into dilapidation through three decades of the ‘low cost entry into business’ snake oil of the tied lease #GreatBritishPubcoScam (check twitter) business model that has dominated the British pub sector since the 1989 Beer Orders.

While the mainstream stands by woefully remarking on the passing of the Great British Pub, its traditions, our cultural heritage, Britain’s unique Sense of Place, evidenced by thousands of boarded up, failing and under performing pubs that create a depressing landscape devoid of secular meeting spaces, hope still lies in the pubs that have not yet been converted to alternative use as they are full of potentially exciting opportunities for the Doughnut Economy:

Many of these ‘sadly no longer economically viable’ pubs are perfect raw material for kick starting a new business paradigm: A radically distinctive dynamic, commercially savvy, environmental sustainable, fossil fuel free, democratically constituted and operated pub company that’s community facing, eschews global brands in favour of Local and Regional produce that is jointly controlled by its customers, staff and suppliers under a new form of multi stakeholder ownership designed to align the interests of all who depend on pubs for their enjoyment and sustenance.

The People’s Pub Partnership proposes to change pubs, all over the UK, by taking them back for the People; For Good. Coming soon; meanwhile here is a gestative proof of concept

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