Reading circle (format)


Together with 4 others I had the chance to meet you / Kate lately in Skype chat in order to discuss the book. The idea arose out of a small reading circle about doughnut economics we hold with one of our Professors.

I want to share in this post some practical reflections about our experiences with the doughnut economics reading circle we hold so that you get an idea about what worked good for us and what not and maybe profit from this. The idea to this arose in the call as Kate told us during the call that some people already approached her in regards to how to hold a reading circle.

Reading Circle:

We hold a reading circle with 4 meetings dividing the chapters in 4 parts (namely 1st meeting: Intro, chapter 1 & 2, 2nd meeting: Chapter 3 & 4, 3rd meeting: Chapter 5 & 6, 4th meeting: chapter 7 and final chapter). In each round we tried to sum up the main thought of the chapter within the group and exchange about what stood out for us, also setting it in context with our different backgrounds. We met for the reading circle during lunch time for 1,5 hours and it was a interesting and quite relaxed. In general, we all got some new ideas from reading the book and exchanging.

Nevertheless, looking backwards we think we did not dive too deep and so in order to dive deeper our ideas afterwards on how to improve on this are either one meeting for one chapter or each time one responsible who summarizes the chapter (this is how I do it in another reading circle and this works very well).

So, if you’re willing to start a reading circle – hope you enjoy it and if you already have done it, please share your experience about the format e.g. so that we can learn from each other.