Shareable graphs/images, usable on Wikipedia (under Creative Commons licences)?

I would like to use some of the great visualization in my own talks under an open license, such as CC BY-SA (but not the closed content CC-NC license). Has this been discussed before? What do you think about this?

Hi Gregor
Good question
I agree that pictures and visuals really help tell the story and spread the word…
Have suggested that Kate consider sharing material suitable for wide reuse somewhere here.

@kateraworth what’s are your latest thoughts/plans on that?



Tony, hi i promise Im going to get going on this soon!

have just been strapped for time myself to get on there.

even though i know its the best way to build LT community

so this is a promise that im planning on making more time for it

but cant just right now - about to travel to Denmark and Netherlands,

all the very best Kate


Thanks Kate
We know you’re busy++, look forward to your input here which will help a lot…
Safe travels on your mission trips

Thanks a lot Kate and Tony! I believe this is mostly a decision. Either the copyright for graphs does lie with you, Kate, then you can license it. Or we need modified graphs. In this case existing graphs can be modified if source files or source data are made available (without releasing those yet, i.e. under full copyright yet). We would find resources to make new graphs and play them back to you, Kate, for permission.

Looking for source files also so I can make something in portuguese.
Made one in powerpoint, but it’s not working well.

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My model of our social system is shared on the “commons” and is DiagFuncMacroSyst.pdf . in order to understand it, please see on the internet:

SSRN 2865571 “Einsteins Criterion Applied to Logical Macroeconomics Modeling”

and to teach it see: SSRN 2600103 “A Mechanical Model for Teaching Macroeconiomics”

Problem solved!!

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@David_Chester: I am sorry, I think we may have a misunderstanding. Are you referring to your diagram ?
I was looking for more intuitive diagrams like Kate is using, esp. the doughnut ones.

I have always suspected intuitive thinking as leading one into false pathways and dead ends. The alternative use of logic produces much more scientific outcomes. The diagrams I use are anything but intuitive and in fact have taken a lot of logical analysis to reach their present form. But I imagine this is not what you are after.

Dear Kate, all,
I’m a new but very convinced kid on the block. I’ve advertised your great book, which echos many of my thoughts, all over the world, from the Kenyan wilderness to the Chilean capital. But I see a bit of a contradiction between the messages in your book against limiting access of the commons to knowledge by patenting and copyrighting, and the fact that your great book is not available free of charge or for a mere cost-covering charge for translation and distribution, but has to be bought for hard cash and is sold through ecologically doubtful channels like Amazon. I’m sure you use the income generated for the cause, but I am worried about the limited access due to the pricing (e.g. €22 for a Spanish version).
I understand that you are under much time pressure and have not been able to get around to addressing this issue since last summer. Maybe one of your colleagues could look into solving this dilemma and ensuring a not-for-profit cost-carrying access of the Commons of all language versions?

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