Sharing the Work


Win-win Sharing the Work
Win-win Sharing the Work, STW, is what’s best for ALL, both workers & owners. Attaching the work week to the unemployment rate (the legislature setting a small % by which the pay for each hour beyond the first hour’s agreed upon rate would be increased, so as to spread the work around & thereby share it) making employers give less OT & hire more new workers, ending foot-dragging & too big to fail & motivating maximum productivity, ALL THE WAY TO replacing public education with having to prove literacy to vote, is WHAT’S BEST FOR ALL WORKERS. FDR (or Bismarck) gave us the 40-hour week, so this is not unprecedented. The % difference between a 40 & 35-hour week is greater than the unemployment rate at the depths of the recent Great Recession. Workers, always having the prospect of more work, would, with a minimum of PR, take to being as productive as possible, eliminating large parts of the welfare state & lots of management. Had we had such a scheme, at the start of the Great Recession, no-one would have seen any need for spending trillions to save giant corporations. Perhaps STW might make government so small it might be hard to find volunteers to do the job. It would certainly cause other countries to adopt a similar plan to stay competitive (& drop plans to dominate the world) & the democratic duopolies to let go of their own (structural) authoritarianism. Whoever adopts STW first will outstrip all others. With STW, employers would still have the right to fire for laziness or incompetence & hire for less or more than the standard work week. There’d soon be more free time, greater productivity & wealth once everyone got the point, as well as more opportunity for individuals to start their own business & improve their skills. Meanwhile everyone works hardest when they work for themselves. STV is not mere “full” employment, or a mere workers’ job market, but an actual Commonwealth.

 Ranked Ballot, voters ranking candidates in order of preference,will give us STW. The (simplest to explain AND accomplish (human scale, ideologically neutral (lacking any attempt to structurally pre-determine the result), women’s equal representative (one of each district’s TWO reps of each gender) & sufficient for all good purposes) “additive” form of RB is counting the first choices & then, if noone has 50%, adding in the next choices, & so on, til someone finally does. RB, plus the “instant” part, running on the single issue of RB, promising a citizens advisory board, based on”Organized Communications”, randomly assigned discussion groups electing reps (by RB) to higher & higher random levels, til one small group remains, will give us instant practicable fulfilled Democracy everywhere.

 Because it gives an equal chance of winning to all combinations of programs, not just parties, RB is Simultaneously both most Just AND most Free. See Preferentiality on Yahoo Groups. (Prefer-entiality.Preferential-ity.) Because of this great light in the eyes of the world & cause it always takes its majority from the middle (while giving an equal chance to all proposals, on a case by case basis, not just one at a time & to all Viewpoints to sway the mass in their direction), RB is more top-dead-center counter extremist than all the many recent retrenchments combined.

 The recent win for RB in Maine, the first right-leaning place to adopt it, is transformative. RB will give Parliaments a chance to do away with the last vestige of Biggest-Gang-On-The-Block-Ism by choosing their Prime Minister by RB from among the members & Presidential systems the means to end the last vestige of King-Of-The-Hill-Ism by choosing their Presidents by RB, give both a shining example to show the world, give the Muslims a means to choose their leaders from the great non-violent mass in the middle, give collective leaderships a means to avoid adventurism PLUS transfer all those trillions now being wasted on dead-end war & war preparations to actual useful investment.

 RB is the answer to all things. It will give us All Powers to Their Lowest Appropriate Level, Sharing the Work, A PERFECT MARRIAGE OF Frugality & Liberality, Rich & Poor, Left & Right, FREEDOM & JUSTICE, Young & Old, Tradition & Modernity, Young & Old, Red, Black & White, Woman & Man, Productivity & Environs & Palestinian & Jew, Justice with an Eye for Freedom & Freedom with an Eye for Justice, A Head for the Headless (tech) Beast, An Ecological Politics, Skillful Means & a Middle Way, but it will not change the essence of anyplace that adopts it, only give them more light-footedness & nuance.

 Let all for RB try to install it in their local organizations & political units, get on the ballot to run on the single issue, promise an OC-based Citizens Advisory Board, ask those who sign their petitions to petition for them as well, cast a blank (NOTA/None of the Above) ballot, demand a response from office holders to RB &/or help this effort or others like it. A full page national ad would be sufficient to put RB to all the world, assuring that everyone knows that everyone knows about RB thereby making RB impossible for big media to ignore. Please help make this message as big as possible.

 [Beyond that, the country is said to need 50,000 truck drivers & the National Fire Service needs to hire large numbers of people to clear all the kindling from the forest floors.]

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