Strategical Planning: Regulation Vision, Transparency Nudging and Modern Economics


My Blog - I´m an Industrial Engineer from Germany - was developed as a response on technological possibilities and contemporary issues with economics. Similar to an strategical planning process, it argues on possibilities / visions for future economic models.

The Blog - as I found out - has strong correlation to Doughnut Economics, especially providing solution possibilities. The provided solutions detect leverage points correlated to main political parties´ basic interest for adaption and highlights requirements for international cooperation.

My aim was to develop vision on topics often omitted, like cooperative economics, and providing recommendation on peoples problems or interest to guide them in conflict solving directions. As well I´m concerned with modern companies key structures, but ain´t finished with this topics yet.

While the Blog is German, there is an international translation widget in the menu and graphics are in English. The provided solutions restrict possible scenarios rather then show optimal solutions. I´ve some idea on optimal strategy to solve issues, but professional conflict management lets that open to parties.

If you are concerned about Doughnut Economics here you get a framework on nearly all relevant topics in terms of strategical scenarios. I hope, it would help all of you, but am especially interested in feedback here or on my blog.

This is the overview page of my blog with explenations and abstracts: .

The main article showing overview on matching of solutions to political parties is this one:

I hope, you are going to be inspired! :slight_smile:

This opening of ideas´ stream was marked as spam by the community, which I want to reply to:

  1. My blog is of no monetary incentive to me, it’s volunteer. There is the project OptEcoBuy, which I would like to realise, lacking donations, but that is not the central idea of the reference of that blog. OptEcoBuy as well is on plattform and not on my personal blog.

  2. The idea of writing a blog and sharing it with relevant communities via reference is simple efficiency based.

  3. I feel highly biased and discriminatedly treated in this community right now, since flagging doesn’t mirror with actual visitation of my content. If you just aren’t open to referencing, please be aware, that I can not explain all my concepts here, it would take 31 article of length 1200 words space. This feels painful, because being flagged as spam is commented with providing low utility. If you would work for free on such topics and then get this feedback, you will understand.

So, please don’t just flag referencing as spam without checking the content. Please take your time on some selection of my articles before judging, because it’s not just an one idea thing but rather articles to all aspects of doughnut economics.