Sustainability is Needs Security

Has anyone explored the idea of Needs Security?
Just like Food Security, or Water Security, but expanded across all needs. I think it is safe to say that Sustainability is nothing more or less than Needs Security. But that almost immediately brings up the idea of Needs Sovereignty - where any community has to have the authority and responsibility to be stewards (well, likely co-stewards) of the land where they get their critical resources and ecological services from. Which, ultimately, is why I think we don’t have sustainable communities today. We have layers of sovereignty, and they don’t line up very well with our needs, and we the system managers at any given level are loathe to give up the sovereignty that they have.
I can use the example of Source Water Protection. Here, in Ontario, the Province was responsible for drinking water. All municipalities had to follow the rules to collect, treat, and distribute drinking water. Due to a series of bad decisions, a town’s water supply was contaminated and many people died. The province realized that they couldn’t be responsible, so passed both the responsibility and the authority down to a watershed scale, and the resources to both understand the issue and inform the planning authorities and systems operators. Towns now had sovereignty over their water supply.
But for every need, the appropriate scale of sovereignty would be different. For sleep and breathing, we have to leave that to the individual. For physical security, we have set military at a national level, and the legal system at several other scales at once. This implies that if we want to have Needs Security, we have to set up co-management and co-stewardship arrangements at multiple scales simultaneously, to ensure that all needs can be met for all people, both in terms of the skills that are available and the resources/ecological services that are required to be supplied in perpetuity. And the appropriate scale might be different across communities. For some particular need, the appropriate scale for London might be England, while the appropriate scale for Leeds might be the whole of the U.K., and the appropriate scale for Paris is all of the Mediterranean region.
So, yeah, back to the question - has anyone done work on the concept of Needs Security or Needs Sovereignty. Can you suggest any publications (recent or otherwise)?

Doug, Work with the Swedish Sustainable Economy Foundation to look at emergency response to COVID produced the idea of CRAG Core resilience and rationing agency. The work produced a paper on the subject.
The idea is that to realise the doughnut, new government functions are needed.
The University I work at (HIG.SE) is working on a regional model. Early days yet but can share early thoughts.