The Donut Economy label on products

Perhaps someone out there can help me with this. I own a farm and am thinking to label my products. Is anyone already busy working this out? A Donut Economy label on products is maybe a great way to spread awareness!

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Sadly, I lack the skills and the relevant industry knowledge to be able to help you but I commend you for the vision! Best wishes, Dorian

Hi Emre. Yes, my thoughts exactly. I’m a graphic artist so could possibly help this idea into existence. The complicated thing would be giving the label some kind of solid providence and certification. The concept is great, but we’d need to find a way to give the label credibility.

It is not a doughnut, but it’s an interesting approach for a sustainable business organization. And a Common Good Balance Sheet is a good proof of responsible action! Have a look to

This is a fantastic Idea. What standards would you believe have to be reached to be something to certify against? ie. methods of farming, pesticides/Organics, yields, field management etc.) is it the same or could it be the same for all crops. Once you have the standard that could meet the doughnut objectives then create a label and a website. Let people know what it means, bring people into the organization and let it be challenged. It is all about grass roots growth for this new view so…be the change.

My awareness of these issues are limited but the University of Guelph in Ontario Canada has an Agriculture University that may be something to look at. I am sure there are other great Universities out there that could provide some direction as well. Maybe Kate is already connected to a few.
If you are ambitious to take this bigger you could look at certifying bodies (best if third party but self-regulating may work). With this being a worldwide standard it may be worthwhile to see if the International Standards Organization(ISO) and have a conversation anyway. Good luck. Not sure if I can help but you are on to something.

I have a similar challenge, Emre_Iskender, I work in infrastructure asset management and am wondering how the economic Doughnut can be used to assess asset creation and life-cycle.
I’m not sure we have all the metrics established nor the thresholds for acceptability. The Doughnut model is for economies and some of its indicators are difficult to apply to individual assets.
Even the Common Good Balance Sheet isn’t easily applied to separate assets. Perhaps we need to establish a modified collection of indicators to form the Ecological Ceiling and Social Foundation for infrastructure and smaller assets and products?