The Doughnut and the Bioeconomy


Subject: PhD research - bioeconomy & economic sustainability

I’d like to ask for comments on my PhD research. So far I have researched the use of bioenergy in bio-CCS technology and looked at the ‘ecosystem service’ impacts of this technology. However, as many of you will know this policy is a status quo one, focused on ‘feeding’ demand and not addressing supply, and risking ecological overshoot from land use and environmental impacts.

As I’ve studied I’ve heard the message of Doughnut Economics and others, and in the 2nd part of my PhD I want to look at the bioeconomy with respect to a sustainable economy.

This may mean identifying how bioenergy/the bioeconomy can be used to meet base material needs sustainably (‘does the bioeconomy have enough for everyone’s need but not greed?’ style question), or in meeting a new framework like the SDGs or the Doughnut.

If you have any thoughts or comments or resources on this I’d really appreciate it.



Caspar Donnison