"The Real Wealth of Nations" by Riane Eisler


New here-- A quick look-see and I have not yet seen evidence of Riane Eisler’s writing in this discussion mix. Please correct me if I am wrong. I am really taken with the messages in “Creating a Caring Economics; The Real Wealth of Nations” and wanting to read all of her books. I am not sure this message will get through here, otherwise I would post some links but, you are sure to find them when you Google her name.


Sounds v good Sheryl
thanks for the idea, not come across that before
Link to that title on GoodReads here

thanks again


The Nation of Earth has Real Wealth but not only the human nation–The Nation of Things. I will try and get a copy of the “The Real Wealth of Nations” by Riane Wisler and read it soon. I suggest Context Institute since this thread on donuts is a lot of carbs and the CI has been at this angle for a longtime with foundation stones in curvature-alignment with donut shapes. Let your imagination take you away from now…Stones and Donuts to save the world. Same old yin and yang or in-betweenness–the gap. Talk to Robert. BTW…Read–Listen–Watch-Act In Thriving Cooperation for a Bright Future Now.