The role of investors in creating a more balanced economy


The vast majority of private individuals are actively involved in many of the subjects discussed in the book via their pensions, savings and other investments. However only a minority of individuals and organisations take an active role as investors, perhaps by moving capital into pension or investment funds operating with long-term sustainability in mind. Why is this and why aren’t individuals taking more control over their financial lives?

Fortunately there are now numerous investment services which are looking to connect people with their money and help them to take greater control over how they engage with the “financial system”.

Perhaps this forum would be a useful space for sharing some ideas around responsible and sustainable investing.

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I am a young adult of 30 with no ‘investments’, and have only just started contributing to a pension scheme in partnership with my employer. I am concerned about my future retirement, especially given the continued chipping away at social safety nets. I’ve also only just started earning enough to put some money away, and am keen to invest it in responsible, sustainable ways that will also help hedge against the possibility that I end up an elderly person in poverty. I want to ‘take more control’ of my financial life and understand how I can use my productivity today to support a more sustainable, equitable society, while also getting something out of it for my older self who will inherit no private wealth, but I don’t know where to begin. I really appreciate the thread you have started, but am disappointed to find no contributions. Perhaps you might share something about the investment services you hinted at johnditchfield?