The State/Market/HouseHold/Commons


These key players are at the heart of the new ideas in the book
Whats your view on the role of the state?
What about the role of the market?


I think this is one of the most interesting parts of the book.
Lets discuss/debate the definitions!


Thanks Tony! I need a better understanding of the envisioned relationship between the 4 actors (state, home, market, commons).

Also, how each relates to the monetary system and how the monetary system would change to reflect this?

Som food for thought -
One of my professor Eric Gomez-Baggethun notes how in the last 200 years we have lost (I will put this i in Arild Vatn’s terminology) instituions, norms and conventions that limit the market.

For example, if in a small town there was a certain set of resources visible and stacked in the town square and then all of a sudden a huge pile was gone, and then one guy was driving around in an exotic sports car well, people would start to institute other market controls either de facto or de jure most likely.

However, the global market makes the costs invisible and then just writes them off largely as externaliites.

Perhaps a better way to approach this is for many co-creative spaces “Three Horizons Framework” workgroup. I think interdisciplinary studies are highly context based, I call this discipline fluidity sort of along the lines of Foucault’s saying “knowledge if not for knowing, knowledge if for cutting” and in this case maybe different for each location to a degree. The results of several workshops spread out, well it could garner some general ideas that may help to identify new components of an emerging theory or even episteme yet, still respect the local intellectual terroir.