Vision for the built environment

Our Vision is for a built environment whose explicit purpose is to enable people and nature to flourish together for generations.

See it here:

Feels very doughnutty…

The main problem I see in this vision is embodied in the diagram on the right hand side of page 5. In it decision making comes from the top, and delivery goes from the bottom up. Isn’t that authority centered instead of people/democracy oriented?

Paul, I think that decision-making happens at every layer. It’s just that the layers should ideally be aligned. Would you not agree that the SDGs are good outcomes with which to align?

Nutty without the dough. Unless one includes the whole of the social system, which this avoids, there are bound to be errors during a serious numerical evaluation. The doughnut economy as a whole is unable to separate these specific factors and deal with them numerically: Land Ownership, Goods and Services Production, Capitalism, House-holding, Finance institutions and Government

I think that this is the engineer/builder nuts turning up to the economists’ dough party. We need both surely.