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Hi Kate,
I’m Tony Shannon, a medical doctor, based in Dublin and a big fan of Doughnut Economics.

My background in Emergency Medicine drew me into the challenge of improving healthcare, then health IT, then understanding that both the State & the Market we’re struggling to do the right thing.
I’ve written a fair bit about the complex challenges here & some patterns that seem to apply here… frectal.com/book.
So my most recent work has been setting up a non profit community interest company (Ripple Foundation C.I.C) working towards an open platform in healthcare, very much towards a healthcare commons.

Really look forward to discussing the role of the Household, State, Market and Commons here.
I think your thought leading book with its 7 Ways to rethink is a fantastic way forward…



Hi Tony, thanks for joining (and more especially for helping to set up this fantastic discussion community!). I’m very much hoping that this site can help to unleash lots of the conversations that I’ve seen half begin on Twitter or on responses to some of my blog posts - this is a far better place to let them take on a life of their own and for everyone to contribute on an equal footing.


Thanks for inviting me!

I’m a retired energy engineer / businessman with 40 years experience in building construction and energy efficiency.

I’m a lifetime economic student since my first economic course as a undergrad back in 1970, engineering economics as part of that BSME degree, management economics as part of my MBA curriculum and graduate courses in economics in 2009.

My main focus is sustainability . . . using basic economic principles to help the public grasp the mechanics of economics useful to them using my @EconomyRealitic twitter account.

My main objective is to address important topics to mainstream people (think voters) in everyday understandable terms so they can grasp the topics without necessarily having an economics degree.

I focus a lot of my efforts toward the media that all to all too often promote economic sensationalism without context.

I was especially impressed with Kate’s new book including addressing energy issues that power our future sustainability prosperity.

Time is of the essence.

Appreciate robust debate following in the direction of the basic scientific method where public policy is developed using demonstrated reproducible results versus ideology beliefs.

I hope I can add value to this forum.



Thanks for creating this forum!
I have reviewed Doughnut economics for The Broker (my employer) here.
I am exploring ways to link Doughnut economics with the concerns of The Broker (inclusivity of global political agendas, essentially) and with my own concerns (primarily strengthening trust and limiting control in financial professions and management at the moment).


Hi doughnuters!

My name is Pablo and work in investments in Australia, or ‘responsible’ investments to be more precise.

I’ve had a long term interest in sustainability and in particular environmental issues. I loved the Stockholm resilience centre’s planatery boundaries framework and when Kate added the social aspect to create the doughnut I felt a great affinity with it.

There are other framing tools I like, and it is hard to match the simplicity and elegance of the chart which puts the global footprint on the y-axis and HDI on the x-Axis by the global footprint network, but for me the doughnut adds a layer of depth which is more readily actionable without being too complex either.

I’m very interested in how we can direct financial capital towards meeting the objectives of doughnut. There are many challenges with that and I hope to explore some of them with all of you here.

Many thanks for setting this forum up Kate.


Hi Kate,
Inspired by the book, I see the doughnut everywhere I look. From the micro to the macro.
This is a great initiate too, excellent platform.


Hello fellow Doughnutters! :slight_smile:

I’m Graham, and I’m from Co. Wicklow in Ireland. I have two dogs and I live near the beach (so almost every day I appreciate that I’m very, very lucky!).

I think we’re in the midst of a vast and urgent emergency with potentially permanent catastrophic consequences, but I also think that, as a species, we’re sort of collectively ‘waking up’ as a result of the internet. So I believe there’s not only great danger in today’s economics and politics, but also great opportunity - almost like something new is struggling to be born.

I think there’s movement, coherence, and a quickening towards a new conception of economics and politics, and that Kate’s doughnut is a major step along that road. I think that this new conception revolves around the concept of ‘the commons’, and involves variations of actual, practical policies like carbon fee and dividend, land value tax, QE for people, mission-focused public service and a basic income, but I also think that policies are not enough. They have to be backed by ideas and narrative, and ultimately grounded in philosophy and values.

Thank you @kateraworth for such a brilliant conceptualisation of our predicament. And thank you @tony.shannon and @marcusbaw for giving us such a cool, muti-functional forum to talk about it in!

IMHO I don’t think there’s anything more important than this.

Cheers! - Graham

[P.S. Plug! My immediate and practical mission, goal and dream in life is to somehow make a modest living from reading, thinking, writing, talking or otherwise discussing, communicating or consulting on these matters. So if you know of anything … LinkedIn, Twitter, Website, Narrative !!!. Thank you! :slight_smile: ]


Hi @kateraworth Thanks for putting this together–and especially for your book! We met in Boulder last May for Hunter Lovins Regenerative Futures Summit. Looking forward to participating in these discussions. I work as an Advisor and Executive/Leadership coach as well as the Founder of Thanku Apparel (an 11 year old start-up…long story!).

Looking forward to meeting and hearing from others in the conversations!

And I live in Denver Colorado



Hello fellow doughnut-ers!

My name is Lindsey and I am a recent graduate with a BA in economics, headed to get my PhD in economics this fall. I fell in love with Kate’s book as I read it, because I really related to her struggle with having a passion for economics, but finding so much to critique in the ways it is being taught/the ways it can effect policy and ideas negatively. I struggled with the idea of going to grad school because of this, but ultimately decided that I wanted to be a part of a new generation of economics who care about more than efficiency and capital growth, and who understand the limitations of growth on this planet and the real need benefits that equality in wealth can bring. I am very excited to hear from people more experienced in the field. Thank you all for being here to discuss!



Hey everyone, I’m Jeremy Yuille, from Melbourne Australia.

I’m a designer, working at the service and strategic end of things, with Meld Studios. Previous careers include a 15 year stint in the academy, and a decade in music and art.

I’m here because I reckon I’ll learn a lot from the kind of community that grows around an idea like the doughnut. My work constantly needs strong conceptual models to help effect change in areas like financial services, government, health, education and social sectors. Hopefully I can add some value to discussions here.

You can find me @overlobe on twitter and instagram.
@wearemeld is where I work with a bunch of talented peeps.


Hello everyone, my name is Rob. Enjoying Kate’s book and as soon as the paper back comes out getting copies for both my daughters. My careers span being a social worker, corporate accountant, software engineer, owner of technology corporation that took our family first from Seattle to Japan, then on to Amsterdam, and back to the Seattle area. One my favorite hats–actually aprons–was being the primary care giver for our two beautiful daughters while my spouse delivered front-line project management for our technology corporation. As a house husband I know full well how economics & society (and sometimes my own spouse!) forgets the real underlying value of caregiving in our society. Recently, have been in-and-out of several tech-startups here in the Seattle area, and currently have some ideas germinating around my head.

About two years ago I started what I call a deep dive into economics as a result of encountering a predatory supply chain within the high-tech industry. After using technology to penetrate, digitally document and disarticulate this global supply chain, I then turned to managerial theory and economics to see how, or even if, the professional literature addressed the issues. Stared with history of economics, then philosophy of economics, and theory and practice. What an eye opener this has been! So much more to learn.


Hi folks,

Great to have this forum - thanks for teeing it up, Kate!

I’m a writer and consultant based in New York, originally from Toronto, Canada. I collaborate with John Elkington’s team in London (Volans) as well as several other collaborators in the US, Canada, and Brazil. My focus is on the shift required to reverse global warming, and more broadly to evolve the corporate and societal mindset to see ourselves as part of a thriving, abundant living system.

I come to the Doughnut by way of deep fandom of the work of Marjorie Kelly, Fitjof Capra and other emergent thinking around deep ecology, and as a collaborator with the team at the Future-Fit Business Benchmark. The Doughnut strikes me as a wonderful, accessible convergence of some of the best thinking of our Age.

When I’m not writing or working with clients, I’m out running long distance, or spinning yarn and knitting it up into various handmade curiosities. You can find me on twitter at @blorrainesmith, or on the web at www.blorrainesmith.com.

Glad to be hanging out among you all!
B. Lorraine Smith


Hi Graham!
Just a quick note to say I really appreciate where you’re coming from. I don’t know if this is useful at all, but I’ve been - to quote you if I may - making a modest living doing much like what you describe, for about 15 years. Noting that “modest” is the key word here, if it would be helpful in any way to share what I’ve learned or bounce ideas around, I’m always up for a networking chat to bounce ideas around or look for ways to complement our shared objectives. In any case, from your website it looks like you’re up to some great stuff! No pressure to respond at all, just thought I’d throw that into the frothy, doughnutty mix :slight_smile:


Greetings from South Africa
moladi was established in 1986 - Our vision is to invent and design product and technology for people to implement to produce product for the base of the pyramid - the neglected market.

Maslow’ hierarchy of needs - Depicted as Food and Shelter - We believe it should be primarily Jobs / Labour producing the basic “needs” such as “food” and “shelter”

The world has huge challenges fulfilling the #SDGs or the renamed MDGs - Poverty being the common denominator
Our focus is on Empowering People to help themselves and others by skills transfer producing product - Not for People but with People.

Address the needs of 4 billion - Empowering People to Create #jobs #food #shelter

Many thanks for creating this forum Kate.


delighted to see you here Wim! i know you are going to contribute a huge amount to this forum…


So delighted that you have joined, Lorraine, and to find we have so much in common. Let’s make this a really useful forum for taking ideas forward. Cheers, Kate


Thank you Kate, for inviting me to join; I can already identify people whose ideas shall complement my work and others from whom (grammar!) I can learn.
Hi there Everyone, I’m Valerie Holden, tweeting as @AECumbria
Kate was speaking near my home in The Lake District, England, so I was on the front row, notebook in hand!
Yes, I think we can change things together. My approach is through supporting people to solve their own barriers to wellbeing:

  • by communication e.g fora like this one, access to information, sharing stories and pictures online or face-to-face
  • by support; practical solutions to needs. We’re not assuming what all of those might be…
    I’ve founded a Community-Led Housing group that’s already sprouting social enterprise ideas around care and FabLabs. My big idea is that, once involved, members might find that Open Govt is a way to comprehensive solutions. All activity is underpinned by Core Values chosen by the group - Environment, permaculture, consensus…now Doughnut Economics to take to the wider community.
    Now need heeeeeelp :slight_smile: ; for activities, for research… to make this project the best it can be, evaluate it well and document successes and failures.
    My background is in Law, with Environmental Management and all aspects of governance a particular interest. Now researching and sheep-farming. I completed the World Bank MOOC: “Citizen Engagement - A Game-Changer for Development?” and became convinced that opening up decisions and budgets that affect lives can be a natural progression for communities - and also that I’d modify the model. Maybe all this will combine to help the group make a better model for people who feel they have no control; a model others will want to copy. (Hmmm not sure if the sheepy stuff will help; mainly lambs running round the kitchen!) Look forwards to learning about your work everyone.


Hi everyone, I’m Brian Cartwright from Boston, interested in environmental topics like biodiversity and regenerative agriculture. I posted here almost 2 weeks ago on the topic of recycling and trade, and my post disappeared recently. What happened? I was looking forward to an exchange with interested people.


Hi @Brian_Cartwright and welcome! I can still see your post Reframing the Trump-China "trade war" anyone?