Welcome! Please introduce yourself


Hi, my name is Nicholas, and I’m part of the problem. I’m as addicted and imprisoned in the gilded cage of our economics and social constructs as the majority. I suppose there are a few who have actually managed to break out, and are actually living in balance with nature, but as a species we have a long way to go - without much time to get there.

So then, why am I here?

I want to participate in exploring and discussing how to bring ourselves into balance with the ecologies of the Earth before we have zombie-walked ourselves over the edge of the Abyss. I then want to figure out my role in helping to bring about the changes that we must make to avoid the big bad.

There is no doubt that this is going to be intensely difficult. We have the inertia of our evolutionary drives, the susceptibility to having our emotions hijacked by propagandists, and a lack of will to address abstract slow build existential challenges with the same intensity and will as a proximate personal existential crisis. There are many powerful people who would rather sink on the Titanic from first class than avoid the iceberg by dropping down a deck or two. We also have the problem of our numbers, and the need to withdraw from sensitive ecologies while they can still recover.

It is a massive and deeply difficult problem because it hits us at where we are weakest at a point where we have to find the ability to be heroic in an ongoing effort.

I look forward to hearing from everyone, and participating.


Hi Kate,
I’m Ashish Bharti from India. I’m a mechanical Engineer & working as a technical marketing engineer with a Power Plant equipment manufacturer. I strongly resonate with the ideas of doughnut economy model. I see my country getting into the GDP growth race while ignoring the basic needs of more than half of the population. New policies being formed to sustain or improve the growth rate. even if the new policies act against the requirements at the grass-root level.

I really thank you for this initiative and would like to contribute in anyway I can.



I am a retired government employee with 25 years` service, having attended a course at the IMF and also managed our government employees pension fund (when it was only allowed to invest in fixed interest bonds) as opposed to its current portfolio comprising equities, both listed and unlisted.

With my tongue in cheek I wonder why not a square donut thus avoiding square pegs on round holes problems, but in seriousness what forces (man mad vs market related) determine what happens to the doughnut?