What are the problems with degrowth?

In the section “Can we continue to fly” Martin Wolf is quoted. He writes in his column in Finacial Times that “… if growth really has limits our political foundation would demolish. Severe conflicts on welth distribution must be the result” (My translation from Swedish). I wonder what he mean by that.

One thing is clear to me, namely that large inequalities in the society is accepted as long as everyone increase his/her wellbeing and that would be a reason for conflicts if economic growth would cancel. To me, this must be solved by a parallell fight against inequality to make de-growth possible.

However, apart from this “problem”, Has Wolf (and Kate Raworth) anything else in mind?

For me, apart from the financial sector, the business area and the goverment, which correctly is pointed out as the losers in de-growth, nobydy else in rich countries need to suffer. All goods that we need today can be produced also tomorrow without economic growth.