What can we do?

Hello everyone.
I believe in doughnut economics. I want to make it a reality - but I don’t know how. What can we do? Surely we have to go farther than influencing change and actually make the change happen. Become an MP instead of writing to one. Plant forests rather than just recycling. Build an actual community rather than writing messages online (like me right now). You get the gist. How can a small group of people, an individual even, make a BIG change?


We can write articles, books and hold meetings to try to show and convince the population that our ideas are most significant and that it is necessary through legal and political action to introduce changes.

See for example my articles in LinkedIn and my e-book “Consequential Macroeconomics” all of which can be obtained by writing to me at chesterdh@hotmail.com

Hi Jack, great question! I am in the process of figuring this out for myself as well. At this moment I believe that it needs to start with solidarity. Not as an abstract idea, but by actually getting to know each other personally and see what joint initiatives come out of that. This as opposed to the “Master Plan” idea of a single person who then is going to convince others of their plan. Have a look at what Enspiral is doing, if you have not done yet. Also their great book that just came out: Better Work Together.

Hi Jack,

In case it is of any help, one thing I am doing is simply going through all the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals https://www.globalgoals.org and thinking about what I feel I am able to do to help deliver them (or at least some of them) in all aspects of my life - within the limits of my own abilities and circumstances.

I do not expect to make a significant impact, but I know that whatever I do could then help show others what can be done. Also, I am hopeful that, when more and more of us do such things, collectively we can make some impact. By the way in doing this, I have also found that I am learning a great deal so this is helping me as well as, I hope, others.

I have also gone on a free on-line course on making change happen https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/make-change-happen which I thought was great both for learning and refreshing my knowledge and sharing ideas with other students on what they are doing and thinking of doing.

The last thing I would say is do not underestimate the value of signing petitions, writing constructive social media posts, sharing knowledge and liking actions by organizations and people pushing for constructive change that you support. It does give other people, who are trying to do the same thing, encouragement - and that does help create energy and confidence to drive the changes you want to see.

All the best, Dorian


Thank you for your replies everyone. You’re all right, it’s all about communication. It makes sense - if society’s going to make a deliberate change, it needs to know why and how.


Sounds great, Dorian! I was thinking the other day: how amazing would it be to be on this journey with a local group of like-minds? Figuring this out together day by day, supporting each other.

Hello Diderik,

Thank you for your reply to my post. I have only had the opportunity to quickly look at your thoughtful support-with-questions of Doughnut Economics https://medium.com/@diderik_32187/the-invisible-hole-in-doughnut-economics-7d17cbc5c563 and would be pleased to share constructively other thoughts and questions with you. I am caught up this week but would be pleased to read more about your thoughts after then.

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