What is the Doughnut?


If you want a concise intro to the Doughnut, you can read the intro page on my website or jump straight into this short journal article.

If you’d like to know more about the choice of indicators and thresholds, look into the Supplementary Materials that accompany the article.

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Is it very curious. You have chosen the torus as new economic picture which is well known in chaos theory as a stable attractor in the state space!
The state space is the visualization of dynamic values in the three-dimensional representation. For example, the energy of a pendulum changes cyclically between speed and deflection. Applied two-dimensionally, this results in a circle diagram!
If you did not have the chaos-theoretical approach, then you instictively lifted the economy into the state space! For details see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Attractor#Strange_attractor

As You describe it in Your book, the dynamic aspect is essential for a new approach in economic science!
A good introduction to the chaos theorie You will find by John BRIGGS/F. David PEAT
I think You know Peter SENGES “The Fifth Discipline - The Art and Practice of the Learning Organization” already! If not, You should have a look in the book: It deals with dynamic access in business management!


Greetings all,
Thank you , Kate. I just finished reading your book, Doughnut economics. I am deeply moved and impressed by the wealth of ideas , new thinking, and the implications for our planet. I am in particular interested in applying the various ideas and principles there in to the national economy in the context developing economies of Africa.


Thanks Neamin, great to hear this. I hope that in 2019 we will be developing a toolkit / methodology for using the doughnut in countries and in cities, adapted to suit anywhere in the world. If you’d like to be involved in some way, stay tuned and we will send out a notification when we are ready to start.


I will be much grateful for anyone who can do the doughnut for my country. I have included the URL for Central Bank of Sri Lanka annual reports.



Thank you much, Kate, for your note of reply. I look forward to these tools and methodologies to l in this inspiring and hopeful new vision for the planet. Indeed inspired and tying to translate the key concepts to Amharic and tie them in to the what is going on in my country of origin. The ideas is to popularize the ideas and the alternatives to the dominant paradigm and institutions currently entrenched, not sustainable as the whole emphasis is to emulate the Norther and Asian developed economies that are the causes crisis of planetary scale. I will look forward to keep you updated as well.