Why is the Oil and Gas Industry refusing to see what Kate Raworth is saying about doughnut economics?


The Boom is here again for the Oil & Gas, Construction and Trucking companies. I need advice on how to make this superannuated industry understand Rawworth’s theory doughnuts economics?(https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/boom-here-again-oil-gas-construction-trucking-your-company-newgent/)



Suggest adding management economics to the issue why the fossil fuel industry in the short run continues to dominate energy production.

Maintaining market share of the energy market dominates the thinking and explains why long term depletion cost are not figured in pricing of fossil fuels.

Likewise the protection of ‘stranded assets’ in the short run including all the infrastructure to extract fossil fuels is also of prime concern to this industry.

These two issues go against the ‘doughnut’ for long term sustainability prosperity.

In any event, most folks don’t realize that fossil fuels are nonrenewable. Many believe there are still ‘vast’ stores of oil waiting to be discovered.

I suggest the following reads for the backstory on fossil fuels:


Second link should be: