The Doughnut and Wellbeing

From GDP to the Doughnut

The Embedded Economy

From the neoliberal narrative to a story fit for our times

Nurture Human Nature

From rational economic man to social adaptable humans

Systems Thinking and Complexity

From mechanical equilibrium to dynamic complexity

Regenerative Design

From ‘growth will clean it up again’ to regenerative by design

Distributive Design

From ‘growth will even it up again’ to distributive by design

Be Agnostic About Growth

(video coming soon)

Doughnut for Communities

This category of our dialogues is aiming to host topics of how community-based Doughnut groups or events are popping up around the world.
We would love your initiative to inspire others - would you be willing to join and write a little about what you are doing? We are sure it will inspire others to do likewise. Thank you…and Enjoy!


Please share details of any great books/ articles/ podcasts/ videos on matters that overlap with Doughnut Economics in terms of scope, mission, including those that challenge it. After all, we learn by reading, listening and watching widely.


Got an idea that will help make the world a better place and progress the Doughnut Economics mission?
Please share your ideas here...

The Power of Pictures

There is little as powerful as a good picture to convey an idea. Please share your own sketches or your favourite powerful pictures here…

Discuss em Português

For discussions about Doughnut Economics in Portuguese


This discussion area is where we encourage those interested in Doughnut Economics to share ideas, questions etc with one another. The ideas in the book at big and wide, so broadening the discussion should be good for all of us.

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